Confabulation, Jonathan’s Angels, absolution, Fayose’s comeback, Ibadan Soka’s slaughter land and other matters arising.

As anticipated, President Goodluck Jonathan’s spawned National Confab has so far been attended by one high drama after another as well as good fortunes that have always characterised his administration.
At the beginning when the list of Jonathan’s choices of delegates was made public, some myopic critics carpeted it as being loaded with spent and expired bunch who may have nothing new to offer and would be hard put to withstand the rigorous sessions.
These critics were quick to express vindication when the mass media distilled for posterity the somnolent image of one of the delegates, AIG Hamma Misau (rtd.) The 67 year-old man, bald and spotting Snow White beard was in a deep peaceful slumber while the session lasted. Some delegates had questioned the impudence of the media in publishing the picture of the sleeping delegate. One of them had asked the Chairman of the confab to caution journalist against reports on sleeping delegates.
One of the delegates, the relatively youthful Yinka Odumakin (who with his wife has the record of being the only couple at the confab and both of whom have the reputation to have succeeded in making social activism a very lucrative venture over time) was reported to have retorted: “If instead of doing what we are supposed to do, we come here to sleep, then it is not a bad thing if journalists report that.”
Days later amidst the controversy, the extremely shocking news came that Misau kicked the bucket at the National Hospital, Abuja, apparently in shock after seeing his sleeping photograph splashed all over.
Of course, Misau was not the only one caught napping. No less a person than the rotund, ebullient and efficient Secretary to the Federal Government, Pius Anyim also succumbed to the slumberous bind throughout President Jonathan’s 22 minutes conference inaugural speech. However, before any mischievous person accuses our pious and political savvy former Senator Anyim of gerontocracy or suffering from a bout of sleeping sickness, we dare say the enormity of his responsibility as the mastermind and executioner of the confab should held accountable.
Another picture that caught wide public attention was that of the vivacious and plucky former helmswoman at the anti fake drugs agency, NAFDAC, who is now a shell of her old self literally. She appeared so emaciated and frail that many could not believe their eyes on seeing her. It is being insinuated that she is suffering from a strange disease. However, the never- say-die woman had put up a very spirited defence of her wellbeing through her Facebook account.
And to those who have been insinuating that most of the delegates agreed to be part of the confab because of the attractive monetary allowances that Jonathan offered them, we are advising them to seek an antidote for envy. Would they have declined if they were the ones such offers were extended to?


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